• My interview for the Travel Agency “Eliza Les ailes du Voyage”

    To begin, present yourself in few words!
    Hello! My name is Lindsay, 100% Filipina but born and raised in Paris – a real parisian 🙂 At first sight, I am rather calm and discreet even sometimes closed. But once (…)

    Bus burger

    What if I told you that eating and visiting Paris at the same time was possible? Well you will tell me yes there are restaurants on board barges, etc…

    Polka Dot Style

    When 3 bloggers decide to shoot together… That’s how it looks!

    Girls in suits

    Photo shooting with another blogger @Alexenvogue wearing both a suit with a nice car and a beautiful background.

    Easter break in Zürich – Switzerland

    What’s better than spending the Easter holidays in Switzerland, the country of chocolate!

    B2 Boutique Hotel + Spa – Zürich Switzerland

    If I can recommend a place to stay in Zürich, it will definitely be the B2 Boutique Hotel for sure. I had an excellent experience in this place where I fully could enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments.

    Republique of Coffee Paris

    Want to have a good healthy meal with a good cup of coffee? So I give you rendez-vous at Republique of Coffee near the Place of République in the center of Paris.

    How to be chic with a bomber?

    How to be chic with a bomber?
    The bomber which I find is a sporty and casual piece also very easy to wear with a classic look “jean-sneakers”!

    Oxford fashion studio runway #pfw

    Second day of Fashion week for me, I was invited with my friend also blogger @alexenvogue at the Intercontinental Hotel in the area of Opéra for the Oxford Fashion Studio runway.

    Isabell Kristensen – London Fashion Week

    I was invited to a fashion show! Not just any but the London Fashion Week one!!!

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