• 24 hours road trip in Tunisia

    A road trip in Tunisia, destination the desert ?! Oh yeah, I’m more than IN !

    Lace pants + White blazer

    Pantalon à lacets femme by BOWSDONTCRY

    Floral jeans + Flip Flops

    Hello hello folks!  This is my first article of the month, I can tell you that I’m very happy and excited right now! First of all, because my birthday is approaching and yeah it’s my last year before I crossed the thirties.

    Total white outfit! Hello spring season!

    At the moment, I’m writing you I’m getting slowly better from a bad cold which I caught for more than a week now.

    A spring break in Djerba, Tunisia

    April 2017 Another amazing time in Djerba with the family and friends. We all went there especially for the opening of Voyages en Asie, the new Asian restaurant in Midoun – I’m talking about this spot here.

    Voyages en Asie

    Hi everybody! Back from my spring break in Djerba, I’m happy to reveal you this new place recently opened. The first of April of 2017 Voyages en Asie means “Travels across Asia” has opened his doors to welcome the lovers of Asian cuisine, located…

    Smart and Chic in a boyfit jeans

    Hello Spring, are you here yet? After seing the sun several times, I can’t wait for sunny days, honestly for real! Mostly the few days of holidays I’ve planned.

    Petite Parisian

    Hello Fashion lovers! Paris under the rain, we decided to shoot in this lovely gallery in the center of Paris near Le Louvre and Opéra.

    Where to chill with a good cup of coffee in “Le Marais”?

    I explored my lovely area called Le Marais which you can find a bunch of restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Here are a short list of the best coffee shops in Le Marais area. This article will be updating, every…

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